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Info for Parents

If your preferred child care option is a home-based, family setting in your own neighbourhood or on your way to work or school, Global Child Care Services offers a licensed home child care program of 78 screened, approved home child care providers affiliated with our agency.

Home Child Care offers flexibility in meeting your child care needs, and provides your child with a warm, nurturing family setting. Children in home child care arrangements enjoy a small, multi-age group environment.

The program serves infants through school age children. Our approved day care homes are located primarily in the east and south ends of Ottawa.

Attention to Detail in Making - and Maintaining - Solid Child Care Arrangements

The initial placement process is thorough and attentive to detail; we focus on making the best possible match with a caregiver and on making a child care arrangement that will meet the needs of your child and family.

Highly trained Home Child Care Advisors – all of whom are RECEs - monitor the quality of care through unscheduled visits and regular safety checks of each home day care, promoting a high standard of safety, nutrition and stimulating programming for the children in care. An Advisor is assigned to each client family and home child care provider; she monitors the progress of each client child in care, and acts as a resource to support the child care partnership of parent and provider.

Enforcement of Legislated Standards

All home child care providers affiliated with our agency must adhere to the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act, the provincial legislation upon which our agency’s license is based.

In licensed home child care, no more than six day care children are allowed at any one time in the caregiver’s home, including the caregiver’s own children under the age of four. The legislation stipulates additional restrictions related to the ages of children in care - for example, no more than three children under the age of two.

Training and Support to Caregivers

Home child care providers affiliated with our agency obtain training in First Aid and CPR and are offered ongoing professional development opportunities, including training in child development, child guidance, and in incorporating How does learning happen: Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years into their daily activities with the children.

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Wait List Information

Global Child Care Services uses the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Wait List (“CCRAW”) as its wait list for its Child Care Centres and its Home Child Care program. Global Child Care Services does not maintain wait lists separate from CCRAW for its child care programs.

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